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Our Mental Health Disorder Treatment specialties, at our New Haven, CT a residential center specializes in Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, & Self Harm Recovery.

Mental Health Treatment Team | Long Beach, CA

Amy Brown, MA

National Director of Operations
Mental Health

After completing her Master's degree in Psychology at Pepperdine University, Amy Brown began working to help individuals and families find healing and hope. Ms. Brown came to Discovery's Resilience with extensive experience managing various eating disorder programs as well as behavioral health facilities. Under Ms. Brown's leadership, Discovery's Resilience's substance abuse and mental health programs have flourished and Ms. Brown now oversees numerous mental health and substance abuse programs throughout southern Connecticut. Ms. Brown feels very deeply about the contribution she is making to improve the quality of life for adolescents and their families. One of the things that attracted Ms. Brown to Discovery's Resilience was the shared commitment to providing the best quality of care to each patient and his or her family.

Nichomi Higgins, MFT

Assistant Director of Operations

Nichomi Higgins is the Program Director and Primary therapist at Center for Discovery La Habra. Generally speaking, Nichomi’s education and experience working in both eating disorder treatment, community counseling and domestic violence and abuse has been an integral part of her work as a marriage and family therapist. As a result she considers herself to be an attentive, culturally sensitive and empathic clinician, who is dedicated to considering all of the biopsychosocial factors that may impact a client and family’s emotional and interpersonal wellbeing. Nichomi is truly passionate about her work and believes that despite its challenges, recovery is possible.

Nichomi earned her Master of Science degree in family therapy from Mercer University’s School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA and considers herself a Georgia peach at heart! Her professional areas of interests include: eating disorder treatment and the process of achieving recovery, identity negotiation/development, grief and loss, family communication patterns as well as struggles concerning faith and spirituality.

Peter Fowler, MA, NCC

Program Director

Peter is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Prior to becoming a therapist, Peter spent two years as a high school history teacher in New York City. It was during this time that he recognized the unique needs of adolescents and became more focused on their individual growth. In addition, Peter has over a decade of experience working with adolescents in other capacities including youth organizations and summer camps.

Peter loves helping adolescents navigate the difficulties of this stage of life and helping them get on a path that leads to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healthiness and personal success. His goal is to create a safe environment where he can work with the client on developing self-awareness of their strengths and needs and identify healthy short and long term goals. In addition, he loves helping families reconnect and grow together after years of chaos and pain into a loving and healthy family.

Favorite Quote: “Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask yourself if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” – Deepak Chopra

Maggie Johnston, MS, MFTI

Primary Therapist

Maggie is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is passionate about providing treatment to at risk adolescents and their families as they struggle with a variety of issues due to mental health and substance abuse. Maggie has worked with adolescents since 2012, beginning as a case manager in a group home setting and then working with LGBT teens and individuals in an outpatient setting. As she ended her graduate program in Marriage and Family Therapy, Maggie began her work for Center for Discovery in 2014. During her 3 years with company, Maggie has worked as Primary Therapist at multiple locations, including Residential Mental Health, Residential Substance Abuse and Intensive Outpatient Mental Health. Maggie is committed to empowering her client's through the use of narrative therapy, dialectal behavior therapy, and art therapy techniques.

Kia Octaviano, BS

Registered Dietitian

Kia is board certified Registered Dietitian. She graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a Bachelor's of Science emphasis in Nutrition and Dietetics. She continued her education at Oakwood University through their Didactic Dietetic Internship. She started working at Center For Discovery 2 years ago with the Mental Health program and have now found been working with clients who have mental health and co-occurring substance use. She knew that whatever she wanted to do with her life wasn't going to be about her but rather it would be about helping people. Through Center For Discovery, she gets to interact with teenagers who are hurting and lost and also be to be a part of the bigger picture in helping them recover and choose life again.

Alexis Teague

Facility Manager